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Below are MRCP mock tests developed by AIPPG and Dr O Amin. Dr Amin would like to dedicate this collection of MRCP questions to Iraqi Doctors.

Instructions (common for all tests)

1) The time available for the tests is shown , after the time is over you can still click on correct answer for a feedback.

2) You get only one opportunity to mark the question correctly, failing which the question will not be marked.

3) All marks are displayed in percentages

4) The feedback / explanation is displayed on clicking the correct choice, if you dont know the answer try again.

Mail any corrections / additions / suggestions to testcenter [@] aippg .info

Test 1) Electrolyte, Acid, Base Balance (19 Questions / 30 Minutes)

2) Respiratory system (49 Questions, Untimed)

3) Hepatology (30 Questions, 30 Minutes)

4) Nephrology Test 50 MCQs (75 Minutes)

5) Endocrinology 49 Qns (60 Minutes)

6) Diabetes & Metabolic disorders 20 Questions (25 Minutes)

7) Cardiology Test 36 Questions (45 Minutes)

8) Heart / Chest Diseases 15 MCQ (24 Minutes)

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