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We have compiled this list from the experiences of many people who passed PLAB & got a good score. This includes members of TEAM AIPPG.

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The Essentials : The following books are highly recommended for PLAB
examination. The AIPPG PLAB BOOK LIST

1) Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine: This book, as has been said by other reviews is
the Bible for Clinical Medicine. It also articulates very well with the other books, it works very well with the book on A&E Medicine. You can never imagine tha amount of information a seemingly small book can hold!!

Brush up your knowledge easily with this book before the examination...882 pages
(2 August, 2001)

oxford handbook OHCM PLAB

2) Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties :This handbook and the "Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine" between them cover the span of clinical medicine. This new edition has been redesigned and all sections have been completely updated and revised in collaboration with senior clinical readers and a panel of medical students. This is a recently released edition (2003). (please buy only the 6th ed)

ohcs book plab

3) PLAB: 1000 Extended Matching Questions :(Una Coles EMQ book) [AIPPG bestseller!]

Synopsis This work prepares prospective candidates for the new PLAB test format of Extended Matching Questions (EMQs) which replaced the old exam format in July 2000. It contains 1000 extended matching questions and covers all medical areas in the PLAB test syllabus published by the General Medical Council. 282 pages (1 November, 2000)

una coles plab books

Also recommended

4) Oxford Handbook of Accident and Emergency Medicine : This book is extremely useful in clinical life and PLAB part one emergencies section. Also useful if you plan to go into exciting field of accident and emergency medicine. (800 pages).( the emergencies are covered to some extent on OHCM.) Also after reading colourful OHCM this B & W book seems a bit dull. The other side: This book has detailed info.

Review: It is difficult to fault this book, if not impossible. It is certain to become the standard text for junior doctors.....and hopefully for medical students. Quite simply it doesn't get any better than this. John Scott, British Journal of General Practice, June 1999

emergency books

5) Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery: For the motivated PLAB student wanting to score more..

The second edition of the "Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery" continues in the tradition of providing a succinct overview of the principles, techniques and procedures of surgery. The content has been fully revised to meet the requirements of modern surgical practice. It is written in the concise style of the handbook series, providing an accessible pocket reference for medical students, housemen, junior surgical trainees.950 pages (6 December, 2001)

surgery handbook part one

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